Flight delayed under extraordinary circumstances – which are my rights

Reading on a plane

Nobody likes to reach the airport and see their flight delayed, even if it is just for a few minutes. Flight delays tend to screw up plans, schedules and generally create havoc in people’s lives. It is not surprising why so many passengers ask for compensation when they are the victims of flight delays.

On the other hand, the airline companies try to minimize their losses as much as possible, so they will haggle for any type of indemnity that they have to pay passengers in exchange for ruining their day. Here are your rights and how to claim them, if your flight gets delayed under extraordinary circumstances!

What makes some circumstances become extraordinary?

Flights are the subject of delays or cancellations all the time, and quite often for similar reasons. It may be that the airline failed to manage their schedule correctly and the aircraft arrived late from its previous trip. It could also be that the aircraft experienced technical issues, fueling problems or that the weather is inclement enough to ensure safe traveling conditions, so the plane remains grounded for a while.

Sometimes, but not very often, you might see your flight delayed because of extraordinary situations or circumstances. The word “extraordinary” may have a positive meaning to most people in most cases, but in the situation of a delayed flight, it takes on a pejorative connotation, and it could describe circumstances such as:

  • Terrorist threats
  • Natural hazards
  • Proof of aircraft sabotage
  • Earthquakes and incoming tsunamis
  • Sudden changes of political regimes
  • Airport staff strikes

In most of these cases, your flight could suffer from a slight delay or a long wait to take off, which if it exceeds 5 hours it may lead to flight cancellation altogether.

Your passenger rights and how to claim them

When extraordinary circumstances delay your flight, you can still claim compensation and retribution for your ticket and your inconvenience. To make sure that you are entitled to your rights, you will have to get the airline to provide you with official confirmation of the delay and the cause for it. Most companies nowadays do this automatically through push notifications or text messages.

Next, you must hold on to your ticket stub. It can become essential in your attempt to claim compensation for staying in the airport for longer than you should have done in the first place. Also, companies must offer you free food and refreshments if your wait exceeds two hours. When the delay is longer than 5 hours, they should also provide appropriate accommodation.

Some people use compensation calculators to find out how much money the airline owes them for a delayed flight. However, if you want to get a real estimate and claim a rightful compensation for your inconvenience, you should work with professionals in this field like airclaim.com. This company can help you receive full reimbursement with no risks or effort on your side.